Remember the magic of playing with “Angel Cards?”

Do you believe
there are no coincidences?

WiseTalk® is a playful invitation to connect and communicate with your child with a ‘spot-on’ topic of random choice.

Here’s how it works:

1. Without peeking, your child picks a letter token from the box

2. Together, look inside the WiseTalk® booklet for the word that
starts with the chosen letter

  Uppercase, A can stand for ‘achievement’ 
  Lowercase, a for ‘anger’

3. WiseTalk® prompts guide your conversation about the word from your perspective, from your child’s perspective

With WiseTalk®, we learn from each other - we share memories and glean insights into what is important in our human experience.  

It’s a fun and easy way to create openings and experience each other’s wisdom.

Use throughout the day, at bedtime or any time you or your child wants a glimpse into each other’s head and heart.

Price includes shipping, handling and taxes within the Continental U.S.A. 

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$30.00 USD

‹ See more Educational Products.

$30.00 USD