START Goals Online Course

START Goals Online Course

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Be Well - Do Well - Lead Well

Re-START to Take the Lead in Your Path and Purpose

Here we all are ... two years plus after the beginning of a pandemic. If you found us, you are probably ready to refocus or refresh YOUR life!  

The pandemic has 'hacked' many of our lives and now we can 'hack back' to get back on track with the things that are important to us.

By actively engaging in this self-paced course and START's research-based leadership framework, you will gain strategies, tactics, and tools to map out a path to get back on  your path AND gain confidence as the leader in your own life

Whether your goals are personal, career, relationship, family, or other -  this course will help you recharge to lead well in your own life.

Those who lead well in their own lives experience greater well being, happiness, and success. 

It begins with you - finding purpose results in more zest and more fullness in your life. 

Those who practice the START leadership approach report greater satisfaction, engagement, and enjoyment, even in the midst of working hard and facing the inevitable challenges of work and life. 

As you put these tools to work for yourself, you’ll discover opportunities to exercise the framework, mindset and skills from the START-Leadership framework that are essential to achieving success and happiness for today and tomorrow.

Self-Paced Course Outline:

Part I: The START Leadership Approach
Leadership Definitions 
Wiring - Interest - Need (WIN) Map
Strengths EQ
Leadership Styles 
WIN Map Exercise

Part II: START Leadership in Action
START Leadership Process
Strategy: What you want
Time Map
Tactics: Align what you want with what you do
Assessment: Stay on track over time 
Routines: Link daily work to Tactics 
10 Essential Leadership Skills
Training: Develop the skills you need to lead well
START Plan  

Conclusion & Next Steps

Course Commitment:

Plan to spend between 12 and 18 hours completing this course at your own pace.

Course includes lifetime access for your continued development.

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In purchasing this course you agree to use this course link for personal use and for purchaser's use only.  All START material is copyrighted and may not be distributed or resold without written permission of START-Leadership LLC.  

Upon purchase, you will be receive an email from ruth at oranda dot org with instructions to access the course.

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What People Are Saying 

“Using the START principles has allowed me to map my purpose and meaning in my life.  Through START’s WIN Mapping Process. I have identified how my innate wiring and skills can help to address needs in the world around me.  Choosing to address problems about which I am passionate creates a profound sense of satisfaction. START is not a quick and easy solution, it is the beginning of lifelong commitment to an effective process.  Getting to know that process and beginning to engage with it to discover how it might fit into the structure of your own life and lives of those close to you is some of the most important work we can do.” - Recent College Graduate and START Leadership Student

"START  has been both personally and professionally impactful for me! " - Brad T., Consultant

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