START Leadership for Educators

START Leadership for Educators

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START Leadership Course for Educators

Empower Student Leadership in Your Classroom

Be Well - Do Well - Lead Well

Leadership Training for Teachers: Social-Emotional Learning Activities

This online course provides leadership training for teachers that will empower them to lead their students through START’s proven framework program. With the START program, you will start to see your students more engaged and have a stronger desire to learn. This course was created in partnership with Laurie Bodine’s START Leadership program.

It’s no secret that the year of 2020 affected us all, and the education realm was no exception. Because of the changing education environment, it is now, more than ever, crucial to be able to engage students and bring about their best. This self-paced online course will give the needed leadership training for teachers to engage students in the ever-changing educational environment.

Our purpose:

To rekindle your enthusiasm and sense of purpose for your work while advancing your personal and professional leadership skills.

Leadership Training for Teachers: Elevate Your Teaching With START Framework

This course will give you the resources and knowledge to equip the next generation with the leadership skills they need to reach their full potential.

START’s highly tested framework involves 5 key steps:

1. Strategy: strategic visions, values, and goals
2. Tactics to achieve the strategy
3. Assessment to stay on track
4. Routines to link daily work to strategy
5. Training to develop essential skills

We each have certain goals and strengths we wish to achieve. START’s proven framework and tested tools allow for a customized experience for each individual. This is when true leadership transformation occurs.

Educators have seen many positive results including the stronger social-emotional learning capacity of their students within school and society. Our teachers have a renewed passion for helping their students learn and grow. Students develop the confidence and mindset to grow their leadership skills to reach their goals and live their passions. 

START’s proven leadership framework is designed to integrate a number of educational initiatives, including Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, Character Education, Growth Mindset, Inclusion, and Classroom Environments, Culture & Climate or Management.

You have probably seen it happen time and time again in your school. In this ever-changing educational environment, new technology and standards are being rolled out to accomplish a variety of goals. This can cause burnout known as initiative fatigue, not only for teachers but also for students. Our leadership training for teachers puts START’s framework into place to refresh and revitalize teachers. The framework can be implemented into any current routine so that you have a consistent foundation on which to teach and grow with your students. 

It is possible to reach a point where your students are engaged and find joy in learning.  Each of your students has a unique personality, so it is crucial to implement a framework that speaks to each person’s individual strengths and interests. 

Creating a culture of leadership within your classroom will allow students to develop into their full potential within the classroom and beyond. START’s 5-step, Leadership approach is proven to build the Responsibility, Resilience, and Resourcefulness students need to Lead Well, Be Well, and Do Well.

Sign up for START Goals for Educators today and start seeing the effects of educating with the START framework in you and your students!  All teachers will benefit from this course which can be shared with students of ALL grades. Student materials are currently targeted for grades 4 and up, but can be adapted for lower grades.


Outline of Self-Paced Online Course:


Part I: The START Leadership Approach
Leadership Definitions 
Wiring - Interest - Need (WIN) Map Reflection
Strengths EQ
Leadership Styles 
WIN Map Exercise


Part II: START Leadership in Action
START Leadership Process
Strategy: What you want
Time Map
Tactics: Align what you want with what you do
Assessment: Stay on track over time 
Routines: Link daily work to Tactics 
10 Essential Leadership Skills
Training: Develop the skills you need to lead well
START Plan  

Conclusion & Next Steps

Course Commitment:

Plan to spend between 12 and 18 hours completing this course at your own pace.

Course includes lifetime access for your continued development. Certificate awarded with credit hours verified upon completion.

Contact us to learn about licensing agreements for schools and districts. 

The content of this course comes directly from START Leadership's books and this online course was designed by teachers, by Ruth Beauchamp - a teacher, and is housed on Google Sites. We are able to keep the costs down by keeping it simple and not investing in all the 'bells and whistles' of expensive online platforms that can drive costs up. In short, this course was made for teachers, by a teacher and priced for teachers.

Participates will need a gmail email address to access this course. Gmail offers free email addresses. In purchasing this course, use your gmail address. As well, you agree to use this course link for personal use and for purchaser's use only. All START material is copyrighted and may not be distributed or resold without the written permission of START-Leadership LLC.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the course from ruth at oranda dot org.

Learn more about START here and this Course + Coaching here. 

What people are saying 

“One of the things I find most valuable about START, the thing that sets your professional development resources apart from all the others, is that you start with the teacher.  You invest first in what they need to engage with a sense of purpose and to feel connected to their work.  Then you provide the strategic and tactical tools that support us in landing this work with our students. START’s Leadership Approach to Social and Emotional Learning has made a big difference to me.”  - Jason Lebar, Conley Elementary, Algonquin, Illinois

“I absolutely love what I have personally learned and implemented with my own leadership and see the value for teaching it to my students.  I believe children are never too young to learn how to be leaders of themselves and for others.” - Deborah Torrance, Zionsville Community Schools, Indiana


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