Focus 1-2-3 PDF for Single Use

Focus 1-2-3 PDF for Single Use

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24 PDF Mini-break Activities!

Fits into any lesson plan anytime to: 

  • Create positive environments for learning  
  • Support diverse learners and the whole child
  • Develop lifelong habits to improve energy and learning

In 5 minutes or less turn

Fidgets to FOCUSED, Antsy to ALERT,

Dazed to ENGAGED, Blah to BEST!

Focus 1-2-3 PDF is a collection of 24 color-coded cards with easy 1-5 minute energy shifting strategies curated from mindfulness, neuroscience, occupational therapy and active learning.

It's as easy as:

1. Pick a Card

2. Read & Lead

3. Create a Learning Mindset!


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DIY Instructions:

1) Color Print
2) Fold to make a front and back
3) Laminate
4) Hole punch and add a binder ring