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Looking to expand your team?

- I want to help you achieve your mission -

I'm a visionary collaborator and implementer that is highly investigative, strategic-minded and results-driven. 

I see what needs to happen, figure out a way to do it and get it done.  I'm determined to make an impact and 'move the needle.'

When I'm not empowering individuals as a coach or mediator, I team up with innovative and enterprising organizations and entrepreneurs as a consultant, partner or employee. 

Do you know anyone who could use my skills and expertise? Referrals are always appreciated.

Here's a sample of what I do for organizations and businesses:

Partnering, Leading and Managing

  • Inspire new directions by identifying solutions that illuminate possibilities and potential
  • Envision collective impact concepts
  • Orchestrate inclusive initiatives and partnerships bringing people and ideas together
  • Collaborate in aligning efforts and resources that improve efficiency and systems
  • Facilitate communication among internal teams and external agencies
  • Analyze data for themes, patterns and issues to drive professional and organizational growth, including program evaluation, and self-studies
  • Broker connections and introductions
  • Champion and promote
Developing Content and Communications
  • Create new products and publications
  • Compose lesson plans and professional development curriculum and train the trainer materials
  • Write copy for online learning platforms, social media, and websites 
  • Author and maintain grants

 Facilitating and Training

  • Design and deliver professional development with adult learner engagement strategies
  • Plan effective and stress-free events
  • Generate solutions and new ideas with Rolestorming and Focus Catalyst ideation sessions
  • Run productive and outcome-based meetings and trainings

Coaching and Mediating

  • More on that below

Expertise includes: Entrepreneurial Efforts | Mentor Development | Program Management | Community Engagement | Recruitment and Retention | Social-Emotional Intelligence | Individual Growth Plans | Post-secondary Workforce Readiness | Climate and Culture/EQ in the Workplace | Self-Care and Resiliency | Professional Learning Communities | Alternative Licensing Programs | Employee Induction | Grant Management | Adult Learning 

Contact me to Advance Your Impact and Further Your Reach

- resume and examples of my work available by request -


How are you expressing your gifts?

- I want to empower you with self-knowledge and the ability to communicate your strengths and worth -

I can help identify your strengths and personal qualities to shape your path.

I work with:

    • Teens, ages 14+ who want to streamline their career and college path
    • College students who need a course correction
    • Mid-lifers in career transitions
    • "Soon to retire" and looking for what's next
    • Anyone interested in applying their skills and talents in a new direction

     “To be self-aware is to be a champion for oneself.”

    I am certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) with the National Career Development Association and use a narrative approach and the following tools in self-empowerment, exploration and discovery:  OneLifeTools, Creating Purpose and YouScience.

    Are you local to the greater Fort Collins area?

    Let's get a group of 3-10 folks together to play Who You are MATTERS!

    This is an interactive, non-competitive, team-building experience.

    In 2 hours you will have FUN mapping possibilities with the encouragement of others.
    Players gain clarity and develop their voice in articulating goals, desires, assets, strengths, natural interests, personal qualities and influencers that shape their professional and personal goals.


    and how it can build your people and your team!

    "With a focus on self-awareness, each of us has the potential for self-leadership and self-advocacy for success in all areas of our lives."

    Contact me about game playing, a free consult or book a session here.

    I depend on referrals.  Thanks for sharing my work.








    Troubled by an unresolved conflict?

    - I want to help you move beyond and gain peace of mind - 

    I work with disputing parties and families to resolve conflicts. 

    I remain impartial, listen and validate what I hear so that both parties move forward in discovering their own solution.

    • Conscious Uncoupling Divorce
    • Estate
    • Workplace

    "Always interested in improving and exercising my mediation chops, I volunteer with the City of Fort Collins and the Larimer County Justice Center."

    Contact me for a free and confidential discussion on your mediation needs.

     I depend on referrals.  Thanks for sharing my work.

    What magic or mischief will we create?