why use Focus 1-2-3?

Why use Focus 1-2-3?

Focus 1-2-3 is a fast and efficient way to get students in the frame for learning.  Each card has five to twelve bulletted prompts on one side, and a picture of the character, 'ing' on the other.

At the start of the day, or after lunch, students may be sluggish. The teacher or students can pick purple wake-up cards with between one to five minutes activities designed to get blood flowing to the brain.

Students coming back into the classroom after recess may be full of energy. Pick a blue calm down card, follow the prompts and in five minutes students’ minds and bodies are relaxed!

Just before a test, or the introduction to a new concept, select an orange gear up card. After following for one to five minutes of stretching, crossing the midline (middle of the body), brains are activated for thinking. 

All ages like the character, 'ing' – it is a deliberately abstract figure, both race and gender neutral – and is playful, curious and whimsical. 'ing' doesn’t require children to think, just do!

Focus 1-2-3 really is as easy as determine a need, pick a card, follow along, and create a mindset for learning.