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Who is Focus 1-2-3 for?

Focus 1-2-3 formalizes familiar processes that use movement and quiet moments to focus students in early childhood, primary, secondary, special, home and adult education – a toolkit to add to teachers’ repertoire of brain compatible learning and Response to Intervention resources for ADD, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, etc.

Users do not need to attend a workshop in order to use or spend hours reading a manual to understand it. It is not a curriculum.

Children enjoy Focus 1-2-3 because they get to move and feel better in their bodies. Teenagers and adults apply Focus 1-2-3 tools in their personal life outside of school to wake up to study, gear up to focus or calm down to sleep.

The need for Focus 1-2-3 now!

There are a number of forces driving the need for Focus 1-2-3 .

Today’s students live very full lives with busy schedules. Some students are sedentary with limited nutritional food choices, which have contributed to childhood obesity. Some students are lock-step in ‘doing’ school with little awareness of what brings them joy. 

Teachers are under terrific pressures to support their students’ academic achievement, with a large amount of content to teach in a short amount of time. When well-intentioned teachers conduct work periods for longer than 10-20 minutes, students lose focus and their ability to problem-solve.

Focus 1-2-3 activities create the ‘brain space’ to process information in-between and after intensive brainwork. It is the perfect curriculum companion to support common core standards. Focus 1-2-3 also playfully manages behavior by allowing children to move, fidget or wiggle in a positive and productive way.

Children pick and lead activities, which provide choice and opportunities to practice leadership skills.