START Training

Leadership Development 

START Leadership Training augments any content training to ensure new information is integrated and implemented. The START process is conducive to collaboration in the development of Strategy and Tactics while also supporting the Assessment of resources, Routines and Timelines needed for the success of your mission and vision. 

Contact us to learn about current offerings or to create a customized training to  develop the leadership mindset and skills within your team to achieve of goals.

We are also growing our team of Certified START Leadership Trainers.  Please reach out to us with your interest.

What people are saying 

“One of the things I find most valuable about START, the thing that sets your professional development resources apart from all the others, is that you start with the teacher.  You invest first in what they need to engage with a sense of purpose and to feel connected to their work.  Then you provide the strategic and tactical tools that support us in landing this work with our students. START’s Leadership Approach to Social and Emotional Learning has made a big difference to me.”  - Jason Lebar, Conley Elementary, Algonquin, Illinois

“I absolutely love what I have personally learned and implemented with my own leadership and see the value for teaching it to my students.  I believe children are never too young to learn how to be leaders of themselves and for others.” - Deborah Torrance, Zionsville Community Schools, Indiana