Take the Lead in Your Path and Purpose and

Lead Well - Do Well - Be Well in your own life

Everyone is born with the capacity to lead. In fact, research proves that leadership can be learned, practiced, and mastered by anyone. From taking the lead in your own life to taking the lead on your projects or teams at work  - or taking the lead in your family -  or other areas of your life -  everyone is in a position to take the lead and to lead well.

The best news for those who lead well is that it’s proven to deliver greater well being, happiness, and success for you and often, for others in your life.  Here’s why:

When we analyze and synthesize the research, three related themes emerge.

1. Happiness drives success (not the other way around) 

When we are well, we can do well. 

2. Leadership drives happiness 

When we develop mastery, autonomy, and purpose, we thrive. 

3. START drives leadership 

When we practice leadership language and processes, we build essential know-how for leading and living life well. 

Those who practice the START leadership approach report greater satisfaction, engagement, and enjoyment, even in the midst of working hard and facing the inevitable challenges of work and life. 

In collaboration with Laurie Bodine and START Leadership, I am offering several opportunities to engage.  Learn more by clicking on each.

We are growing our team of Certified Coaches and Trainers. Reach out to learn more. 


Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman 
Peter Drucker on the Profession of Management by Peter Drucker  
Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath  
Good to Great by Jim Collins 
The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor  
Scaling Up Excellence by Bob Sutton and Huggy Rao  
A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink  
Creative Confidence by Tom and David Kelley 
Mindset by Carol Dwek 
Work Rules by Laszlo Bock 

What People Are Saying

"START has been both personally and professionally impactful for me!"  - Brad T., Consultant

"I know being a leader is about making everyone around me better.”  – 5th Grader, The Haverford School
“START has synthesized the most powerful research in organizational effectiveness and leadership to create a 5 step process that can be productively applied at every level of management. We applied it - day one.  It works."  - VP Product Development in Tech. Los Angeles  
“START provides a codified leadership language and process that has maximized my effectiveness and efficiency  professionally and personally. START serves as an operating system for leadership that everyone can - and should - know and use.” - VP Executive in Banking, San Francisco  
"Over the past few years we have noticed a declining trend in student preparedness, initiative and self-direction.  But after just a few weeks using the START approach in our classroom, all are on the rise. The positive shift in student engagement and focus along with their ability to work independently has been remarkable.” – 5th Grade Teacher, Colonial School
“Using START Leadership has made me more effective at work and at home - I’m modeling, teaching and reinforcing a leadership approach for my team and my kinds. We’re all becoming better leaders.”  - Manager at Workday  
"If the highly stressed students I see had gone through this program, they wouldn’t be in my office.  They would have developed better tools, become more resilient, and have a better perspective on life.”   - Mother & Psychiatrist, Ivy League School<  
"We have seen the positive impact START makes in developing essential leadership skills while building social and emotional capacity and connection. We have used START to unite our parents, teachers, and students with common leadership language and process to navigate their lives effectively."  - Bill Brady, Leadership Director, The Haverford School  

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