Focus 1-2-3 Tips

How to use Focus 1-2-3

    • 'Read the room' to determine what color card is needed.
    • Pick a card at the beginning of a lesson, during transitions, or before, during or after intensive brainwork
    • Allow choice by showcasing several cards for students to choose from
    • Individualize cards by placing them on students’ desks
    • Assign a group of students to individual cards 
    • Leave cards where students will find them after returning from an activity
    • Have students select and lead a card activity 
    • Use proactively throughout the day before ‘symptoms’ occur 
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      Use Wake Up cards to get blood flowing
      to brains and bodies when:

      -There is a daze or glaze in the room

      -Energy levels are low

      -Class is transitioning from one activity to another 


      Use Gear Up cards to activate minds for thinking when:

      -A change in routine is in order

      -Students are introduced to a new topic or take a test

      -A prolonged attention span is required


      Use Calm Down cards to relax
      minds and bodies when:

      -There is too much energy in the class

      -Finishing recess or energizing activities

      -Students are antsy or fidgety


      Focus 1-2-3 ideas

      Can’t go outside? Rainy? Snowy? 24 color-coded cards easily add up to over 60 minutes of recess!

      Substitute saver - helps manage any group whose teacher is absent!

      Focus 1-2-3 is the perfect gift to show appreciation for your favorite teachers.

      Parent Teacher Organizations purchase for their teachers to support them in creating positive learning environments for their students.

      Homework helper - families keep students engaged and productive when children choose and use Focus 1-2-3.