International Academy for Educational Entrepreneurship

Celebrating Entrepreneurial Educators

The academy is dedicated to the encouragement and support of educators who invest time, energy, and capital to create, develop, and market programs, products, services, or technologies designed to enhance and improve education while simultaneously working with schools and colleges to insure the learning, practical application and appreciation of the skills and values of the entrepreneur by students they serve.

In 2001, accomplished educators and entrepreneurs, Dr. Don Leisey and Charles Lavaroni, co-founded the academy, and published a book titled The Educational Entrepreneur: Making a Difference that chronicles the lives of twenty-two educators who have built successful businesses to improve learning. These former teachers and school administrators all took personal risks to enhance education. Each one of their stories is profoundly inspiring.


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After nearly two decades directing IAEE, Chuck Lavaroni passed away in 2015, and in 2018, Dr. Leisey leaned more deeply into retirement while passing the IAEE torch to me, Ruth Beauchamp, your 2016 Educational Entrepreneur of the Year.

Here on this site,  I continue their work in highlighting, celebrating, and creating a virtual home to document our work as educational entrepreneurs.