Need help furthering your goals?

- I partner with groups and individuals in planning and delivering effective and impactful sessions - 

The definition of 'facilitation' is to make easier; to assist.  I’m told that I have a gentle and grounded way in moving processes and people forward.

Training & Workshops

Meet your objectives for adult learners!

I listen to the needs and goals of the organization to customize and facilitate professional development while incorporating strategies and activities that adult learners love. 

Savvy with both online and in-person learning.


Employee Resource Groups - Professional Circles - Communities of Practice

Bring out the best in your people!

I lead and facilitate diverse groups of staff to address the humanness of our work while cross-pollinating among departments.

The results:  increased resilience, improved sense of community, collaboration, performance, retention and job satisfaction.

Learn about my work with Colorado State University here.


Leadership Development

Lead Well • Be Well • Do Well 

In partnership with Laurie Bodine, I facilitate START Leadership Online Courses for Individuals, Educators and Families to optimize individual and group dynamics while empowering participants to appreciate and step into their own leadership strengths with transformational results. 

Learn more about START Leadership and courses here.


Idea Generation & Innovation

Discover new opportunities, new solutions and prevent problems!

I facilitate Rolestorming sessions for teams to determine the best ideas to put into action to move their organization or business forward.

Rolestorming is an extremely effective, efficient strategy that generates ideas of greater quality and quantity. 

Become a Certified Rolestorming Facilitator!

In collaboration with the creator of Rolestorming, Rick Griggs, by the end of our Certification Program you will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of Rolestorming beyond brainstorming
  • Explain its history and pillars
  • Identify the components or nuances within the brain that make it work, including:  emotional contagion, event boundaries, imaginary plagiarism, private voting, roles of saint, sinner, winner and order of operations
  • Outline the essential sequential facilitation steps
  • Demonstrate successful facilitation 
  • Articulate connections to adult learning strategies, and facilitation skills that lend themselves to successful sessions
  • Lead successful Rolestorming sessions

Learn more about Rolestorming here.


Restorative Mediation

Resolve Conflicts • Repair Relationships • Move Beyond • Gain Peace of Mind!

I specialize in workplace disputes to resolve conflicts and restore relationships. 

As a certified mediator, I remain impartial, listen and validate what is said so that parties move forward in discovering their own solutions.  
















As a volunteer mediator with the City of Fort Collins, I also mediate conflicts among neighbors. 

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