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I'm a visionary collaborator and implementer that is highly investigative, strategic-minded and results-driven. 

I see what needs to happen, figure out a way to do it and get it done.  I'm determined to make an impact and 'move the needle.'

When I'm not empowering others as a coach or facilitator, I team up with innovative and enterprising organizations and entrepreneurs as a consultant, partner or employee. 

Here are some examples of what I do for organizations and businesses:

Educational & Thought Leadership

  • Identify possibilities
  • Inspire new directions 
  • Envision collective impact concepts
  • Orchestrate inclusive initiatives and partnerships bringing people and ideas together
  • Collaborate to align efforts and resources that improve efficiency and systems
  • Determine the 'stop doing' list
  • Run productive and outcome-based meetings
  • Analyze data for themes, patterns and issues to drive professional and organizational growth, including program evaluation, and self-studies
  • Plan effective and stress-free events
  • Broker connections and introductions
  • Champion and promote
Content Development 
  • Write copy for curriculum, train the trainer, online learning platforms, and websites 
  • Create new products and publications
  • Author and maintain grants

    Coaching & Facilitation

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