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- I partner with YOU in planning and delivering effective and impactful facilitation, professional, staff development, and training-

The definition of 'facilitation' is to make easier; to assist. I’m told that I have a gentle and grounded way in moving processes, programming, and people forward in my staff development and training courses.

For me, 'growth' is a huge dopamine hit!



Looking for adult programing that participants love?

Oranda's Teaching & Learning Design strategies = engaged employees that retain and implement new information and learning.  

I partner with content experts and instructional designers to produce customized training from small and large groups.

I outline, write, script, and produce learning opportunities that incorporate strategies and activities that adult learners love. 

Since 2000, I have trained over 10K adult learners and 100% VALUE Oranda's Teaching & Learning Designs. 

Here's what other's are saying. 

Contact me to write and produce the copy and experience of your online, hybrid or in-person trainings.


Playbooks - Journals - Workbooks

Support your audience in implementing new learning.

I work with self-help authors and educators to create playbooks, journals or workbooks to complement their content. 

The results: reflection and implementation of new learning!

Contact me to write and produce copy that will help your teaching come alive in others.


Team Building - Staff Development & Training - Employee Resource Groups - Professional Circles - Communities of Practice

Bring out the best in your people! 

I lead and facilitate diverse groups of staff to address our human needs and the whole person in the work environment. 

The results:  connection, increased resilience, improved sense of community, collaboration, performance, retention and job satisfaction.

Learn about my work with Colorado State University here.


Reach Your Goals with the START Process

In partnership with Laurie Bodine's START Leadership, I created Online Courses for Individuals and Educators to reach their personal and professional goals.

The START process is successful because it STARTS with you - your values and your strengths - to develop and outline strategies to successfully reach your goals. In these ways,  START Leadership is clearly the smarter way to reach your goals.

The results are personally and professionally transformational.

Learn more about courses here.


Idea Generation & Innovation with Rolestorming

Discover new opportunities, new solutions and prevent problems!

I facilitate Rolestorming sessions for teams to determine the best ideas to put into action to move their organization or business forward.

Rolestorming is an extremely effective, efficient strategy that generates ideas of greater quality and quantity that was developed by Rick Griggs.

Become a Certified Rolestorming Facilitator!

In collaboration with the creator of Rolestorming, Rick Griggs, by the end of our Certification Program you will be able to:

  • Describe the benefits of Rolestorming beyond brainstorming
  • Explain its history and pillars
  • Identify the components or nuances within the brain that make it work, including:  emotional contagion, event boundaries, imaginary plagiarism, private voting, roles of saint, sinner, winner and order of operations
  • Outline the essential sequential facilitation steps
  • Demonstrate successful facilitation 
  • Articulate connections to adult learning strategies, and facilitation skills that lend themselves to successful sessions
  • Lead successful Rolestorming sessions

Learn more about Rolestorming here.


Contact me for a free and confidential discussion on your staff professional development, facilitation and training needs.  Learn what others are saying about me here.

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