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A portion of proceeds from Oranda purchases go towards programs that support healthy schools.

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These are some people and organizations whose ideas have inspired Oranda in its mission. We hope they can inspire you, too!  

Art Costa Centre for Thinking

Promoting, practicing and sustaining the teaching and practice of habit of mind.

Begin with the Brain, Martha Kaufeldt
Brain-Compatible Learning, Differentiated Learning, Optimal Learning Enviroments

Challenge Success
Championing a Broader Vision for Success for Youth

Classroom Instruction that Works, Marzano, Pickering, Pollock 
Integrating Technology in the Classroom using Instructional Strategies 

Conscious Teaching, Rick Smith and Grace Dearborn

Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching

English Language Develoment Strategies, Kate Kinsella
Tools for meeting the needs of diverse learners

Everyday Genius Institute, Think Like a Genius
Reveals how masters of their craft think and then teaches you how to do the same

Fizika Active Learning

Provides professional development and resources for active learning

Inspired LearningPeter Reding
Honors and rejuvenates a learner's innate love of learning

Instant RecessDr. Toni Yancy MD MPH 
A call to all of us to get out and move! 

Jensen Learning, Eric Jensen
Practical Teaching with the Brain in Mind

Hawn Foundation, Goldie Hawn
Helping young minds by nuturing resilience, hope and optimism 

International Academy for Educational Entrepreneurship 
For educators who are excited about creating a Program, Product, Technology or Service to improve learning

Math Solutions, Marilyn Burns
Change Perspective, Solve the Problem

Matthew Gollub’s Children Books
A collection of award-winning picture books that highlight language, rhythm, color, and life.

New Management, Rick Morris
System of student management, motivation, and involvement.

The Price of Privilege
How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage Are Creating a Generation of Disconnected and Unhappy

Race to Nowhere
Changing lives one student at a time.

Rae Pica, Moving and Learning
Learn how to promote fitness, self-esteem, self-confidence, learning, and a lot more – without specialized knowledge, fancy equipment, or a lot of money. 

Teachers' Curriculum Institute
Social Science Publisher Created by Teachers for Teachers

The Whole Child Approach
Each child, in each school, in each of our communities deserves to be healthy, engaged, supported and challenged.

A product line that offers tools to help families connect with each other on a daily basis.