Kids are the sweetest and most wonderful people we know.  They just want love and they have so much joy and happiness to give.  People say kids can be cruel, but I don’t think that is their natural instinct.  Kids want to be liked, and in a competitive environment, they may find that picking on others may make them more popular.

Social media bulling, classroom bulling, presidential candidates bullying, it’s everywhere in the news.  The solutions are not in the news though.

Oranda ensures that all children’s emotional, physical and academic learning needs are met.  Bullying disrupts that process.

The Bully Project movie is out now.


Lady Gaga has a Foundation with Harvard School of Education to address this huge issue as well with a grass roots approached based on her song Born This Way.

What else can we do to make sure our kids our safe and that are kids are not the ones bullying?  We can all vow to do something to help this issue, starting with the kids we already know.

My vow: I work with about fifty-sixty children in my neighborhood every week, and we often talk about important issues like what friendship means and honesty and the hardships they face at school.  Almost all of them have talked about seeing kids being mean, or they face it themselves.  I will watch the Bully Project with all of them in small groups and we can talk about the differences they can each make to help out other kids.

What is yours?