Summer vacation is coming and that means fun fun fun!  Games in the classroom? You bet!

kids engaged in learning

One aspect of education that is getting a lot of traction and excitement, yet is still met with some concern, is the idea that games can provide avenues of learning.  Children have a strong desire to play and not sit in a classroom held captive to learning how to fill in bubbles.  Yet our current structure of education employs a lot of passive sitting.

I can understand the skepticism of games can be learning, when I look at the huge market of games that engender lethargy and captivity to television or computer screens.  And many educational games in the past are not as exciting, but I have noticed a very positive trend in making learning for children a more interactive and engaging process.  Such websites include iCivics, BrainPop and Mission-US.

Interaction with material does build lasting impressions.  I remember a 7th grade game in biology where we looked at genes and probability, and to this day remember the likelihood of traits because of the fun I had.

But we all know that kids just need to move and have fun! It gives their brains chances to rest and process the information they are learning.  Even adults need that.

I am biased because I know Oranda's products, like  Recessitate, give kids the fun they want and the break they need for their brain.