It is the intention of this blog to bring educators together by highlighting exceptional resources that help us engage, connect and grow with each other and our children.  We often operate in our own bubble, and many of us on 'fumes.'  Sound familiar?

In today's blog, I'd like to highlight something close to home at my husband's district in South San Francisco.  They are following Marzano (just one name, like Madonna) and reading The Highly Engaged Classroom.  



There's an entire section dedicated to using movement as an engagement strategy where on page 25, there is a list of resources that help incorporate physical movement in the classroom.   I would like to add (copyright 2010) to the energy shifting strategy list. Any volunteers to contact the publisher for the next publication?

Authors Marzano and Pickering write that moving is used to lift energy. 'Rehearsal' is another way that teachers use movement to help students remember content.  And, that students can leave their desks and have stand-up meetings with each other or meet in corner groups to process content or create a human graph or continuum of some sort with their bodies.  Yes, standing up and moving gets blood to the brain (think oxygen) and improves thinking.  All of these strategies work to create a highly engaged classroom. Thanks Marzano and Pickering!