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Ruth Beauchamp - MA, Career Development Professional

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Educational Leadership • Thought Leadership • Content Development 

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Career Matching • Resume • Cover Letter • Job Search Support 

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Training • Employee Resource Groups • Circles • Idea Generation • Restorative Mediation

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"I look forward to Ruth's wise counsel on projects, processes and strategy because she is, simply the best! She listens with intentions, develops clear steps, and asks, 'what if?' throughout the process while keeping everyone and everything on track.  Her creativity and visionary outlook defines, invests and produces extraordinary results."

Linda Sollars, President, Creating Purpose & Client

"I was really blessed to work with Ruth.  I was at a professional crossroads and needed a new direction.   With Ruth’s incredibly skilled and insightful help, I found that new direction and - thanks to her coaching- had the confidence to pursue it!  Thanks so much, Ruth!  What a life changing gift you have. "

Allison P., Career Coaching Client

“Ruth delivers excellent content, is a great collaborator, and understands needs based programming. Her presentations are encouraging and well prepared and her sense of professionalism adds greatly to our mutual projects.”  

Rich Feller, PhD., Past President National Career Development Association & Client

Focus 1-2-3 Cards

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Focus 1-2-3 Testimonials

"Focus 1-2-3 helps to maximize instructional minutes."

Rebecca Vyduna, Elementary School Principal

"Focus 1-2-3 provides a breathing space in the midst of our busy school days, one of those “Ahhhh!” moments that allows everyone, teacher and students, to regroup and return to the natural state of calm focus."

Kathie Welch, Kindergarten Teacher

"Focus 1-2-3 helps students channel their natural energy peaks and valleys in quick and creative ways that foster thinking and learning!"

Jennifer Mann, High School Teacher

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