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Ruth Beauchamp, MA, GCDF

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Consulting Testimonials

“Ruth delivers excellent content, is a great collaborator, and understands needs based programming. Her presentations are encouraging and well prepared and her sense of professionalism adds greatly to our mutual projects.”  

Rich Feller, PhD. Past President National Career Development Association

“Ruth is an outstanding professional with high integrity. She brings multiple talents to a role from a broad base of experiences. She is a collaborative contributor and leader at the same time. She is a creative thinker herself, and within a group, she helps keep intentions clear and unifies ideas.”  

Marney Cox, Associate Program Director, Santa Cruz/Silicon Valley New Teacher Project

“Ruth is an excellent collaborator who identifies problems and works to solve them by encouraging input from others with additional expertise. She sets manageable goals and works efficiently within timelines to achieve them. Always eager to contribute and initiate new ideas, Ruth is an engaged and committed leader.”  

Andrea Whittaker, Directer Teacher Performance Assessment, Stanford University

Coaching Testimonials

"I've felt lost sometimes in the sea of opportunities. Ruth really helped me get clarity to set my course."

Jim C., Career Coaching Client

"I want to thank Ruth for introducing me to YouScience and for her timely feedback on the results. She helped me navigate and understand them while also providing a very insightful analysis of my potential career paths."

Claude T., Career Coaching Client

"Ruth has been continuously supportive throughout my career journey!  She has helped me reflect on what my goals are and how to achieve them, Thanks RUTH!"

Jacki L., Career Coaching Client

Mediation Testimonials

"We went from calling the police on each other to 'hugging it out.'  Ruth kept calm and kept us focused on our common interests."

Kraig, Mediation Client

"Ruth had great energy and helped us come to our own solution within 90 minutes."

BV, Mediation Client

"During our mediation with Ruth, we realized we had more in common than not.  This helped us reach an agreement we both could live with."

Karen, Mediation Client

Focus 1-2-3 Cards

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Focus 1-2-3 Testimonials

"Focus 1-2-3 helps to maximize instructional minutes."

Rebecca Vyduna, Elementary School Principal

"Focus 1-2-3 provides a breathing space in the midst of our busy school days, one of those “Ahhhh!” moments that allows everyone, teacher and students, to regroup and return to the natural state of calm focus."

Kathie Welch, Kindergarten Teacher

"Focus 1-2-3 helps students channel their natural energy peaks and valleys in quick and creative ways that foster thinking and learning!"

Jennifer Mann, High School Teacher

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