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"Rolling up my sleeves, inspiring or guiding, I propel people and programs forward in their purpose."

Looking to rejuvenate your career or re-discover the spark you once had in your life? With over 10 years of experience, I have helped 1000s grow into their life's purpose. I work with both individuals and organizations to provide individualized career and life coaching, consulting, leadership training, teacher professional development, tools, resources, and courses that improve personal and professional lives. My expertise is in supporting the growth of people, and offering teacher professional development training for educational programs.



Career Coaching

Looking to express your gifts? Through leadership training and career path coaching, I will work with you to capitalize on your strengths and interests to achieve your professional goals Whether you are a young professional trying to decide your path or a mid-lifer wanting to embark on a new path, I can help you reach your goals.

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Looking to further your organization's goals? I believe that everyone has unique gifts and abilities. Sometimes it takes some guidance and tools to unlock this potential. I have over 15K hours in creating professional growth experiences that 100% of clients have valued and prospered from. I am excited to work alongside you in your organization's journey.

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Looking to achieve your goals? I offer a number of online courses in collaboration with START Leadership that build a strong foundation in leadership training for your own life and provide you with the tools necessary to propel yourself forward with purpose. This includes teacher professional development courses for educators and professions in the education industry.

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Life Coaching

Has the pandemic or other current events hacked your life? I offer short term life coaching and courses with START Leadership's proven formula that leverages your assets to help you get on a successful path to reach your goals with ease.

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What people are saying

"I was really blessed to work with Ruth.  I was at a professional crossroads and needed a new direction.   With Ruth’s incredibly skilled and insightful help, I found that new direction and - thanks to her coaching- had the confidence to pursue it!  Thanks so much, Ruth!  What a life changing gift you have. "

Allison P., Career Coaching Client

"I look forward to Ruth's wise counsel on projects, processes and strategy because she is, simply the best! She listens with intentions, develops clear steps, and asks, 'what if?' throughout the process while keeping everyone and everything on track.  Her creativity and visionary outlook defines and produces extraordinary results."

Linda Sollars, President, Creating Purpose & Client

“Ruth delivers excellent content, is a great collaborator, and understands needs based programming. Her presentations are encouraging and well prepared and her sense of professionalism adds greatly to our mutual projects.”  

Rich Feller, PhD., Past President National Career Development Association & Client

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